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One prescription drug of interest to sailors is an adhesive patch worn behind the ear, which continuously administers a dose of the drug scopolamine through the skin over a three-day period
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If your child has asthma, ask your doctor to write down an Asthma Action Plan
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Since alcohol also may intensify the blood pressure lowering effect of nitroglycerin, patients receiving nitroglycerin should be advised to drink alcoholic beverages with caution.
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Lifestyle factors “ such as exercise, weight gain and obesity “appear to have an impact on LUTS
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It's the face of Kuang Shiying's 94-year-old mother-in-law - better known as the little old lady who sued her own children for not taking care of her.
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Do not skip doses or stop taking dofetilide without first talking to your doctor
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Wittgenstein’s work makes the omnipotence paradox a problem in semantics, the study of how symbols are given meaning
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Non-discrimination instruments usually do not indicate with whom comparisons should be made in order to establish "distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference" (Human Rights Committee 1990).
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